Bogra -Paharpur-

Second day, we headed to the World Heritage site Paharpur temple.

From Motel we stayed, first went to 4mata by CNG(5tk).
Later, took local bus to Joypurhat.(75tk)
Later, took another local bus to Paharpur.(10tk)
But we needed to change the bus again.(5tk)
Finally, we took a vehicle(??) as you see in picture below(10tk).
We paid 100tk (for foreigner) at gate, and found pretty garden.
Over there, see Paharpur temple?
Yes, this is.
Baharpur is the best known Buddhist viharas in the Indian Subcontinent and  is one of the most important archeological sites in Bangladesh.
The temple stands in the large open place.
There is an accomodation if you want to see Paharpur temple with sunset or sunrise. 
<Archaeological Rest House>
Twin room with AC  /1400tk
Twin room without AC  /1000tk

Please check room availability in advance because there are only 4 rooms.

We were quite satisfied with Paharpur temple.
Then, again long bus ride.
On the way, we heard sound which something blew out....
Stop to change a tire.....

We dropped by Mahasthan on the way.
There are some temples and museum, but we only went to see citadel.

We didn't expect much things.
But isnt't it beautiful?
Young people were sitting on the top and chatting.
The Citadel looks more than we expected from the ground,
The Citadel was less than we expected from the top.

Please see this picture, and don't go up to the top.
This is my advice.

We got snack near bus stand.
It tastes like....Japanese sweet, Karinto.

It is called Kokkti (Murari in Dhaka), and available mainly in this area.
Please try it if you want to feel Japanese taste in Bangladesh.
It costs only 10tk for 100g.

For Paharpur temple and Mahasthan, we spent whole day.
Next topic is Yorgurt famous in Bogra.

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