Bogra & Rajshahi trip -1st day-

This time, main purpose is to see Paharpur temple, the world heritage in Bangladesh.
I stayed in Bogra (near Paharpur) for 2 nights, and Rajshahi for 2 nights.
For a change, I accompanied a friend who is also JICA volunteer.

This is the first time for me to take inter-city bus.
Each seat has enough space, so bus trip wasn't bad.
On the way, stop for a rest here.....

It was built as one of JICA project as the board says.
There are snack stands, restaurant with AC.
On the plate, vegetable roll which I often see on the street seems pretty.
Isn't it?
20tk on the street, 30tk at the restaurant

It is always sad to say goodbye to restroom in my house.
I don't compare with Japanese restroom (which I believe the best in the world), but that was good.
After 7 hours bus trip, we got Bogra.
There is no direct bus to Paharpur either enough accommodation there.
Tourists stop by and stay in Bogra.

In Bogra, there are crossing called
"3 mata" (3 streets crossing)
"4 mata" (4 streets crossing)
"7 mata" (7 streets crossing)

The picture was taken in 7 mata......
I know, you can only see people and people, won't even find 1 street.
Area around 7mata seems the canter of the city.
After having dinner in this area, we headed to hotel.......but
Accident happened.
My friend lost her wallet at this crossing!
She realized quite soon, and got back to look for it.
But all we found was people and people, car and car, and garbage.
Unfortunately, she brought lots amount of money to buy silk sally in Rajshahi. 
People wondered 2 Japanese coming and going crossing and asked what's problem.
We told that she lost her wallet, but no one thought we could find.
After looking for a while, we went to police office.
There too, on one thought she could got back.
We insisted that we wanted credit cards at least, and even told
"Often, we would be able to find in Japan!!"
A police officer told us to do his best, and inform this matter to other branches.
We did what we could, so went to hotel......by a POLICE CAR.
They arranged a car for a poor girl.
You will not get much chance to take a police car.
So, one shot for memory.....
Many incredible things happen in Bangladesh, and again happened.

Around 11p.m, she got a call from the police officer,

"Your wallet was found."

Who believes!!
He didn't tell about money clearly, so we expected it's gone.

We went police station next day to pick up, and she got her wallet and even money!!
Not all the money though, about 80% was there.
People who picked up her wallet divided money so that all didn't back.
However except it, she got back all the stuff including credit cards.

So again, with the police officer for memory.....
Later, she was asked to write a paper which says
"I have lost my wallet, but got it back by help of police"
in Japanese and English.
He may show the paper if any Japanese visits him.

Bangladesh is said "the poorest country in Asia".
It is incredible and wonderful that she got her lost wallet in her hand again.
The money she lost was almost (poor people's) salary for a month!
Thank you for the all who helped us.

Accident from the first day, but trip continues to Paharpur!  


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