A week has passed since I started writing about this Bogra-Rajshahi trip.
We reached Rajshahi!
It locates 3 aways from Bogra by bus.

The first thing to surprise me is clean and paved road.
 It doesn't seem Bangladesh!!
Though you find Rickshaw on the road.

As we arrived at Rajshahi, we went to see Podda river(Ganges river).
Along the river, snack stands and chairs are found.
But surprisingly, garbage isn't found.

I eat garbage!!

It was a little early for sunset, but we took a boat.
I was afraid that we would be demanded crazy price, but it was 50tk for each.
(Though first price was 150tk for 2 persons)
 Feeling wind on the boat was good.
When we turn to back the garden, sky was gaining color.

It was about 10 minutes ride, but enough to enjoy a short boat trip.
We shared the boat with 3 more Bengali boys.
There would be more people before sunset.
If you prefer quiet boat trip, you may reserve the boat for yourself.
My friend succeeded in taking 1 hour trip for 200tk.(depends on your bargaining skill!)

After boat ride, went to "Coffee Bar" in Podda Garden.
Have a cup of black coffee on the third floor.
I hadn't had drink without sugar(except water) on the trip.
My friend ordered Lassi.
Coffee was 30tk and Lassi was 50tk.
Lassi in Bangladesh tastes totally Doi(yogurt)!
I like it, of course.
If you go west along the river, you will find one more cafe "Master Shef".
Next day I ordered Lassi there, but unfortunately didn't get to see outside well.
Only, Lassi was 10tk cheaper than "Coffee bar".

Many people rally to riverside in the evening.
Seeing sunset seems their reisure.
People stay, talk and eat snacks even late at night.
I can't do that, so went to restaurant for dinner around 6.
(which is still "snack time" for Bengali people)

What is surprising for this Air-Conditioned restaurant?
They have English menu!!
It helps foreign tourists a lot.

My co-worker reccomended fishes in Rajshahi from Podda river.
So, I ordered Irish fish (National fish).
Irish fish is expensive fish, but cheaper than one in Dhaka.
It costed 120tk.
Yes, tasty....only if small born doesn't attack me.

I stop writing here. 
Next time, I will introduce silk factory. 

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