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Bogra hotel information, let me start with high ranked hotel.
<Naz Garden>
This is the highest ranked hotel in Bogra.
There is a pond where you can do fishing and ride a boat(with charge).
This is cafe along the bond.
Terrace seats look nice even though only Bengal fast food is available.
A bar stands a little away from the hotel building.
Yes, this is Muslim country.
Beer is 380tk, a bottle wine is 2600tk.
Let's take a look at rooms.
Standard single room ($35)

Super Delux room ($80)

This is living room for "Presidential sweet room" which costs $200!
The hotel has business center, suvenior shop and so on.
Your stay will be comfortable.
Naz Garden
Address :Silimpur, Bogra-5800
Webpage :
Budget :$35(Single)/$50(Twin)~

<Hotel SIESTA> 
As we walked on road with nothing on our right and left......
Unique design building suddenly appeared.
There were statues of crocodile and dolphin in pond without water.
(Water will be supplied only for events)
Lobby is decorated with bronze statue of horse, spears, portrait of someone...
There were clocks at front desk to show times in the world.
(But somewhy.....the second hands point different ways.) 

2nd floor with modern desgn chairs
I wondered the concept of this hotel....but anyway!
Here are rooms.
Standard room ($35)

Exective sweet ($80)

They brought in Jacuzzi for the first time in Northern Bangladesh as a staff told.
There are pools (for adult and kids)  on the roof.
It must feel good to swim and take a rest on the bench in sunny day.
Excercise machine is availabe if you want to work out during your stay. 
Forgot to tell, all rooms include breakfast.
Hotel lobby looks a little wierd, but staffs are nice (and served tea...),
facility is new since it opened in 2009.

Address :Fuldighi, Banani, Bogra
Webpage :
Budget :$30(Single)/$35(Twin)~

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