Rajshahi - Silk Factory -

Rajshahi is so famous for silk that the city is called "Silk city".
(though I haven't heard anyone calls so)
There is area where many silk factories gather.
I visited one of them and asked if they can show me inside.
A staff kindly took me tour inside.
So, let see the process to make silk sally.
Of course, start from silk worm.
He took some and brought close to me......which made me run away.
Cocoon in silkworm net.
Then, cocoons are boied.
A woman takes silk from boied coccoons.
Silk was taken to machine with help of women.
Any idea what it is?
This big bobbin is for weaving machine.

This process is coloring.
Silk is going to be dyed.
on the roof

A staff has hearing disability.
He seems working like others with weaving machine.
In the factory, anyway you can't hear anything.
I was happy to see one example that person with disability works.

After factory visit, get suvenior? 
In the store, colorful sally, sally, sally.......
Silk sally is over my budget, but my friend got one for 5000tk.
It was very beautiful.

Staff may not speak English, but will kindly show you in the factory.
Each factory has their shop, so you can also go around for shopping.
I personally enjoyed a lot to see inside the factory......except the worm!!

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